Plant A Flower Today For All Of Our Tomorrows

The wind is picking up and heavy rains are on the way.

The ground is slowly thawing and spring is coming!

And on top of all that,

Today is National Plant A Flower Day!

Busy at work

And while it may be not the greatest day to plant
a flower due to the wind and still frozenish ground,

The perennials are well on their way to getting things started!

As the saying goes:

“All the flowers

Floral Owl
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of the tomorrows are in

the seeds of today.”

– Indian Proverb

are the flowers coming out where you are?

Have you been able to plant
some new ones this year?


  1. Really interesting didn’t know about this day! My tulips and daffodils were sprouting but we had half foot snow yesterday night , but hopefully by Monday all this would melt. Beautiful pictures!

    1. I think we may still get some snow yet here too 🙂 its that time of year! 🥰 lovely to hear of your tulips and daffodils!

  2. I often prescribe as an empowering exercise for self beautification, “pick a weed and plant a flower.” I wonder, what our earth/ personal landscape would look like if each of us did this just one time a week. Thank you for sharing!

    1. What a lovely idea and so true! Weeds depend on who is looking sometimes, the biggest weed around here is grass amongst the veggie patch 🙂

    1. thank you! that is very kind of you to say 🙏 I hope you are keeping well today!

  3. What the heck?! I was a follower and had to refollow. Sometimes I just don’t get technology. lol And so ready to get my geraniums outdoors in the spring air!

    1. Ooh exciting! I bet they are looking forward to that too!

      Thank you for following once again! 🙏

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