Extra! Extra! (Don’t) Read All About It!

It is with great irony that I learned online about today, March 4th, being

National Day of Unplugging.

And now here I am sharing it with you!


A Canadian Classic

And while it may not be raining on my wedding day nor am I stuck with spoons when what I really need is a knife, I am going to take it to heart and after this is posted I will be heading out for a walk.

And I am leaving my phone behind

to ponder leaving it behind more often.

Hope you have a great day and are able to take some time away

to disconnect from the internet

and connect

to our planet 🙏


  1. Unplanned, but I spent about 2 hours sketching this afternoon and left the phone at home. Quite enjoyable and good stress release. Esquimalt Lagoon is very restful despite plenty of people being there. Glad you took some time out today. We all need it.

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