Reminder – Name That Vase – Winter 2022

Poets, writers, wordsmiths and word nerds Get your stories/poems/prose of some sort in for our contest!

Name That Vase?’ invites YOU to create a story, poem or prose (thoughtful writing) along with a name for one of our raku vases that just came from the kiln!

Help our vase to know their story!

Consider this a chance to be inspired – a writing prompt or a creative cue.

And if you like, you can view the Name That Vase that started it all here.

As an example,
Here’s our winner from last time!

Congratulations to Juliette Turrell for her winning entry, Aerugo!

And now to our new nameless and storyless vase!

hmmm 🤔 . . . What do you think?

What is this vase’s name and Story?

Please Share a name

and bit of writing

as your entry in the comments!

What’s my story??

Looking forward to reading your submissions!


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  1. It could be called Lake Baikal because it’s blue, deep and mysterious. There’s some life form in the depths that hasn’t been discovered yet. It could be anything even an alien from another planet.

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