Spring Among The Trees

The Tree of Life - Raku Pottery Sculpture

With spring soon on it’s way, I am looking forward to seeing buds coming on the trees and the birds returning.

It won’t be long now!

Pussywillows from last spring

When thinking of cycles of spring
and rebirth,
the Tree of Life always comes to mind.

The tree of life is prevalent in the mythologies of the world. It is considered to be a symbol of creation and interconnectedness. Common roots of our world family can be found in this concept, and not just in some far off ancient texts.

For my first solo art exhibition, ‘Myth of Family’, I created a sculptural piece honouring this mystical tree.

It is a theme I like to explore in my work. You may recall a previous work I did by this name, which is now one of the windows in my studio.

Tree of Life
‘Tree of Life’ – Beach Glass Window

The world needs trees. It is a delicate balance of interconnected organisms on a scale that I feel is beyond our imagining. Living beings on this planet, including microbes, fungi and plants work together in unexpected ways.

Perhaps people are not unlike this too. Why would we be an exception? The choices I make here may have a ripple effect, more prominently on those closest, but ripples can reach out far and wide.

I do believe we are all interconnected in ways we can not understand.

and Spring always reminds me of this fact.

The Tree of Life, and many other artworks are explored in depth in my book A Potter’s Dream: Myths & Legends. The book collects stories across cultures and centuries, adapting them to my pottery with wit, love, compassion and joy. “A Potter’s Dream: Myths and Legends” is a decidedly modern take on the traditional topics of pottery, healing, community – and what it means to be human – all interwoven with the magic of raku and stunning pottery. It is available here.

What do you most love about spring?

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  1. Beautiful. I love the aroma of melting snow.. flowing back into the earth, as newness begins to grow and transpire. The sky becomes brighter as the birds within them begin singing us their songs. It is a time to be patient for what is to come (bud and blossom).

  2. Amazing trees of life you’ve created. Gorgeous and symbolic. I love the photo of the pussy willow catkins! (I have a photo of one on the Contact page of my blog.) As for what I love about spring, it’s the rebirth of warmth, color, life and hope. And, of course, baseball season. 🙂

  3. I’m so excited! I keep noticing all the new fuzzy buds on the trees. The birds are singing and I can feel the change in the air. Even my cat notices 🙂

  4. Spring has begun to sprout around me here in my part of the world and it’s exciting! Watching the snow melt and the grass start to grow green again. Pussywillows are one of my favorite things! The trees and their fresh blooms, all of it!! Yay, welcome Spring!! This post is so saturated with that intention, so beautiful 😍

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