Spreading Love & Hope

Today kicks off Universal Human Beings Week.

It is an annual observance commemorated in different parts of the world aimed at reminding us to reset and renew our sense of purpose, key into our true essence and rid ourselves of hardened exteriors. We are also reminded to embrace love and unity, foster human rights promotion, and make the world a better place.

As part of this, I would like to share an invitation to Project Hope.

For this project, I am creating a simple postage-friendly talisman that I can mail out to people who want a little more hope in their lives or want to share some hope in the world.

I will send out one of these clay creations to a person that requests one and an additional 1-3 of them for the receiver to send out to one or a few of their contacts. In this way, together we can send out a little brightness and hope all over the world, bit by bit.

The first talismans are created and we invite you to leave messages of hope to the recipients here.

In time, this page will also include a map, so we can see where in the world hope has been sent (only the city would be used as the location marker on the map)

This project is totally free
to participate in.

I am putting in $100 for postage costs to kick off the project, and may even leave a few of the talismans in various places.

Thank you for reading and joining us in bringing more hope to the world!

Happy Universal Human Beings Week to all Human Beings everywhere!

“Open your mind and heal this world, universal love is what it’s all about”

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    1. Hello! No that song I found on youtube but everything else yes I did make myself thank you! Would you like to receive hope or leave a message or both?

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