This Week At The Studio In Photos

Kale is emerging from the snow! Can’t stop spring!
Afterlife (still a home for life!)
Looking up at lone evergreen at golden hour
Fungi in the snow
We will soon say goodbye to winter and hello to the colours of spring with Voluspa who is shortly
heading off to her new home (hi Michelle)!
Oh yeah!

and Chairman Meow put on a fashion show over on Tik Tok

And That’s been the week here.

How has your week been?


    1. good point! i was wondering that too. its a very large tree and the break is right in the middle, unless the weight of its own branches is too much?

      1. I was thinking the inside was dark maybe scorched. I have a photo in my gallery of a burned lightening strike tree that is scorched on the inside.

      2. not a problem! I will share a photo of it on Sunday as part of This Week In Photos so you can see 🙂

  1. I love these photos, particularly the kale in the snow and the fungi on the log. Beautiful examples of nature pressing through and the shift of the season.

    1. Thanks Bridgette! I love how as much as humans try to control things, life and the seasons will push through. I find it very inspiring!

  2. Hey this is such a nice click, plant coming out of snow. What a click it was. And Mr Chairman Meaooo, looking so cute. Do pay my greetings over Meaoo furry head. Hope it’s not snowing not in Canada now Jasper? Tk cr.

  3. Adopted a cat that’s adapted well to his new home. Enjoying the heavy rain today, which helps with the drought we’ve been experiencing these past years. Thanx for sharing your pics. Peace.

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