This Week At The Studio In Photos

The week began with snow, but as spring is coming, so too do the heavy winds and rains.

The whites of winter are changing
to the blues and browns of the incoming spring melt.
Up a tree on the North Side
Up the South Side of the same tree
A 5 minute walk from the Studio, the highway is flooded at 0C, 1 hour after high tide.
18 hours later, the road continues to be impassable due to flooding
– 13C and 1 hour after low tide
Thankfully, the Alchemist Studio is situated
18m/59ft higher than sealevel and so our spring-fed drinking water continues to be without salt πŸ™
Water which goes very well in this newly released jug
commemorating the Spring Melt.

Spring Melt Jug
Includes Shipping in US and Canada
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And That’s been the week here.

How has your week been?


    1. Oh me too! Actually cant drive too far in any direction but thankfully have a high road nearby if we need to get to town. This is not normal for it to be so extreme.

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