🀜 Thursday Throwdown February 2022 πŸ€›

It’s time for this Month’s
Battle Of The Vases!

It’s vase-to-vase combat like you have never seen before!

How it works: We share two vases and YOU vote which is your favourite! The winner will then move on to the next round to face another competitor!

Last time, Perihelion and Evangeline battled to the death!
Your vote has determined that

Perihelion survives and
Evangeline is finally defeated!

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🀜 The Series so far πŸ€›

Gorgeous Vases of No Contact Wrestling

Can Perihelion stay high up in the sky?

Or will a cloud overtake the sun?

You Decide!

The Nephalai
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The Nephelai tells the tale of these offspring of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys, who at first glance you may not see, but they definitely have a seat at the table. The water table that is!

They also don’t like Tori Amos very much.

Look up at the sky some time and you may see, hopefully only a few, clouds.

Or so you think!

What you might be seeing are the white billowing robes of the mostly transparent, but beautiful Nephelai.

The Nephelai were the nymphs of the sky, and if you’ve ever forgotten your umbrella and then got wet on a rainy day, it’s their fault. For these nymphs were far more than just a pretty face.

They would spend their days collecting water in their cloudy pitchers, carrying them to the heavens. When all the pitchers were full, they would pour them from the heavens and nourish the earth with the water.

Talk about being prepared for a rainy day!

Watch out Tori Amos! The next time you are bouncing off clouds you might hit one of the Nephelai and spill their jug.

Maybe it’s Tori Amos’ fault when it rains?
Shipping Included In US and Canada

Perihelion day occurs about two weeks after every December Solstice, and on this day, Earth’s center is approximately 91,402,500 miles from the sun’s centre.

Our sun appears the largest in our sky as it will be for the entire year! So to celebrate our sun, here is a bright yellow raku vase!

Who will be your victor? Be sure to get your vote by adding it in a comment BELOW!

Their fate is now in your hands!

We will share the winner (and update from last Time) next month!

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    1. Thanks Eugenia! This is a common theme! I wonder if folks would vote for it as much in the summertime versus the cooler colours of winter we have around now hmmm

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