Goblet Yourself Be Royal

As a fan of Game Of Thrones
(not the ending)

It seems a natural fit to make goblets!

And even though the ending of the show was not what the fans wanted, it is clear that Whatever I choose to drink,

drinking it from a goblet feels

very royal.

Royal In Red
Red Goblet
Includes Shipping in US and Canada

Indeed, There is nothing quite as fun as feeling fancy and royal while wearing my Pjs and watching a good show,
and i would like to
share this fun feeling with you!

so that said,

What drink/show combination would you try out if you had
a goblet to drink from?

See more goblets here


    1. ooh that does sound like quite a perfect evening! Lord of the Rings is fantastic, and of course so too is mead! 🙂

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