Above Our Heads And In Our Drinks πŸ€”

Whether in fancy tropical drinks, at the beach above your head, in a revolution in Hong Kong, keeping the rain off one’s head in Vancouver, or when dressed up as the Penguin from Batman, umbrellas can be very helpful (and fun!)

And in Strange (but fun!) Days, today is none other than National Umbrella Day and wow could an umbrella have been useful for keeping one safe from the namesake of this vase!

The Nephelai.

Let’s read on!

go back to your early years
(or maybe not so long ago)

When was the last time you looked up at the clouds and unleashed your imagination? My doing so inspired both the name and story for this raku vase!

The Nephelai$118
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Raku pottery vase ‘The Nephelai‘ tells the tale of these offspring of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys, who at first glance you may not see, but they definitely have a seat at the table. The water table that is!

They also don’t like Tori Amos very much.

Look up at the sky some time and you may see, hopefully only a few, clouds.

Or so you think!

What you might be seeing are the white billowing robes of the mostly transparent, but beautiful Nephelai.

The Nephelai were the nymphs of the sky, and if you’ve ever forgotten your umbrella and then got wet on a rainy day, it’s their fault. For these nymphs were far more than just a pretty face.

They would spend their days collecting water in their cloudy pitchers, carrying them to the heavens. When all the pitchers were full, they would pour them from the heavens and nourish the earth with the water.

Talk about being prepared for a rainy day!

Watch out Tori Amos! The next time you are bouncing off clouds you might hit one of the Nephelai and spill their jug.

Maybe it’s Tori Amos’ fault when it rains?

What did you think of this raku pottery vase, ‘The Nephelai’ and it’s story?

And where is your favourite
way to use an umbrella?


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