Inspired by Nature

A big part of my life

Has always been finding my way to nature when I need to recharge my batteries and find inspiration in my life and art. Simply put, nature is my church.

It always surprises, teaches and awes me.

tidal stream

Last weekend was pretty magical.

The sun was shining and I spent some time just absorbing the rays and quietly exploring the beach and wooded trails.

My mind was open to the beauty nature had to offer this weekend and I was not disappointed. There were many ice cakes/blocks on the beach. Worn away by some of the worlds highest tides, but not worn away enough to be carried back to the ocean where they belong.

Their temporary nature just called out to me to take some photos.

Initially, I was just inspired by the beauty of the different shapes.

I then started thinking of how some of those shapes might translate into a sculpture, or a series of them. Hmmm…

nova scotia easter island sculpture
On my way back from viewing the ice cakes I noticed this! To me it looks like one of the figures from Easter Island!
Is this the Kraft bear on the peanut butter jar, or some ancient alien artifact? You decide!

How has nature inspired you?

Or where do you draw your

inspiration from?


  1. I was raised on a farm so I had access to wild natural environments at an early age. Nature inspires my poetry and allowed me to impose order and tranquility on a very chaotic world in my nature photography (which I’ve begun posting on my blog). Dealing with major depression and PTSD makes life difficult, but I’ve always found a panacea in nature. It allows me to unwind and de-stress and breathe again. And who can argue with the untamed beauty of the world’s wild places? So much to inspire us! 🙂

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