❄ Knee Deep In Winter ❄

It’s Groundhog Day!

Here in Nova Scotia, we have Shubenacadie Sam.
He is our local groundhog who has predicted 6 more weeks of winter.

When looking outside, I was not surprised.

However, I was (somewhat) shocked to learn that we have a local lobster named Lucy who predicts the weather (and also 6 more weeks of winter!).

So with all that winter in mind

I wanted to share some photos of snowy scenes and winter-inspired pottery to celebrate 6 more weeks of playing in the snow. ❄

Deep snow for an old pup!
A snowy sunset
The White Walker Raku Vase
Shipping Included in US and Canada
The Alchemist’s Studio when we had less snow
Closeup of White Raku Tree
Shipping Included in US and Canada

It looks like the weather animals are right too as More snow is set to arrive in the next few days!

Are you a fan of snow?

What do you think of groundhog
(and now Lobster) Day?


  1. This week we had a foot of snow in southwest New Jersey, off the Rancocas River. I still love the look of the pristene snow and all the wonderful ways it drapes itself like frosting. I can however understand John’s thought on this as dry and warm has its own appeal. Good day to all. Thank you for your beautiful page.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! 🙏 I looked up the Rancocas as well, it looks beautiful! Every place has its things 🙂 (including warm and dry!)

  2. I was once a fan of snow long ago, growing up riding snowmobiles in Michigan. Today, I prefer the warmth of the Nevada desert or Florida…

    1. Same here, as well as standing on the ice in the lake watching the snowmobile races all day long. Youth! Haha… Still love cold weather, South Carolina doesn’t get a lot of it…

  3. These are wonderful pictures! I love winter (most of the time). Dreary weather in T.O. right now, another cold snap coming…😇😇

    1. Snowfall warning today here! 15cm of snow is coming on top of the feet deep snow on the ground. its been quite the winter so far but not as crazy as 2015!

    1. Ahh well Maine would look pretty similar to these pictures I would imagine, its just down the road 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos and the pup doesn’t seem too happy about the snow. I don’t mind snow but then in my neck of the woods, it snows once or twice a year, maybe! I can live with that.

    1. She loves it! its tough to get her to come in from it though, just wants to eat snow all day! crazy pup 🙂

    1. California is definitely lovely, I really like Northern California especially and the coast in that area. Truly lovely

  5. I love groundhog day for some reason. We have a family tradition here of watching the movie, Groundhog Day every year on 2/2. As for snow, we are in the midst of a winter snowstorm and have been shoveling and will do so again this evening. It’s beautiful and I love the crunch of stepping in it. It turns everything into white-outlined shapes and I love that transformation.

    1. That is so true regarding the white outlined shapes and crunch of the snow! I love it too, but had not thought of it that way – thank you for a fun meditation while I walk!

    1. I am glad you like them! I know I would miss the seasons myself, but could do with less snow especially as another 15cms falls on us today. It’s home! 🙂

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