Name That Vase – Winter 2022

Poets, writers, wordsmiths and word nerds Get your stories/poems/prose of some sort in for our contest!

Name That Vase?’ invites YOU to create a story, poem or prose (thoughtful writing) along with a name for one of our raku vases that just came from the kiln!

Help our vase to know their story!

Consider this a chance to be inspired – a writing prompt or a creative cue.

And if you like, you can view the Name That Vase that started it all here.

now Here’s our winner from last time!

Congratulations to Juliette Turrell for her winning entry, Aerugo!

Burnished beauty, subtle lustre. Why do you hide your flame?

Has the hard world tarnished your glow?

Retreat is ever only temporary, the view from the stalls, whilst entertaining, is a selfish seat.

You wrap the verdigris to your soul.

Your bloom etiolates, move into the light!

I feel beneath the layered depths, ferruginous strength still holds.

Not all visible luminosity is fakery.

You are worthy of attention, not just introspection.

Maybe, it takes the unique to see through your camouflage?

Autumnal seraph, ochre sprite. Allow your soul light to flourish.

©️Juliette Turrell

Shipping Included In US and Canada

And now to our new vase!

hmmm 🤔 . . . What do you think?

What is this vase’s name and Story?

Please Share a name

and bit of writing

as your entry in the comments!

Looking forward to reading your submissions!



  1. Tall,.elegant beauty – almost too beautiful to hold a floral tribute.
    What can I add to show you at your best?
    A contrast, yellow chrysanthemims, or white?
    Or pure pink roses, or, echoing the tone,
    Delphiniums, as bluebells do not last
    And lilies have a scent I do not like.
    Perhaps bulrushes or some other grass
    Would give your shape and colour
    Centre stage, so that folk marvelled at the vase itself
    As much as everything that it contains.

  2. This is not a vase
    But my heart
    My love embedded deep in thy soul
    It’s not a vase that I see here
    But thou, my beloved
    This vase holds me, the flowers
    And the love song between mein and thy holding strong
    Together we are in this vase bonding our love
    Which spreads as aroma all around
    Love rIpens as the flowers bloom and boom
    These are no flowers but my love
    This is not vase but my desire, my love
    Together we hold strong in this vase
    A house for our love
    Thy is the mud that holds us strong
    I the fragrance of our bond
    Sometimes, I am the mud
    And thou is the flower that mends the passion
    As thou whispers in though these pores and cracks

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