😲 I Can’t Believe She Said That! 😲

You know the people who can talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

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Larunda managed to weasel her way out of a trip to the Underworld and on return had Mercury fall in love with her and they had two babies.

And all this she was able to do
without her tongue!

Which is why this vase is called
“Gossip Girl”

β€˜Gossip Girlβ€˜ pays tribute to a nymph renowned for her beauty named Larunda. Larunda was also known for another trait. She talked a lot. Her parents, try as they might, could not curb this trait and her love of gossip.

(you can read the story for this vase here).

Whether up close

Or further back

Larunda always has something to say.

What do you imagine this
raku vase might be saying?

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  1. I just had to share with my Facebook friends as I know many people who are relating right now jajaja with Gossip Girls πŸ‘§ they know. Good job people Maple 🍁 πŸ‘ πŸ‘

    1. thank you! and glad to hear it resonated with you to share! Yes, there are definitely gossips around in our world!

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