🤜 Thursday Throwdown January 2022 🤛

It’s time for this Month’s
Battle Of The Vases!

It’s vase-to-vase combat like you have never seen before!

How it works: We share two vases and YOU vote which is your favourite! The winner will then move on to the next round to face another competitor!

Last time, Iris En Ciel and Evangeline battled to the death!
Your vote has determined that

Evangeline survives with Iris En Ciel defeated and headed back into the rainstorm!

Iris En Ciel
Shipping included in Canada and US

🤜 The Series so far 🤛

Gorgeous Vases of No Contact Wrestling

Can Iris en ciel stay high up in the sky?

Or will it be time to RAin Bow out?

You Decide!

Shipping Included In US and Canada

Evangeline tells the tale of a great Acadian love story that is a part of the local culture here in my home of Nova Scotia.

‘Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie’ is an epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. In this poem he follows her search for long lost love Gabriel, with whom she was betrothed.

Evangeline and Gabriel were separated by ‘The Great Upheavel’, also known as the AcadianExpulsion. During this dark chapter of English – French relations in Canada, over eleven thousand Acadians were deported by the British.

Separated by the Acadian Expulsion, Evangeline and her betrothed would only be reunited in their old age when Gabriel, who was already very sick, would perish in her arms.

This work of fiction has become immortalized here in Nova Scotia, where you can follow the stunning landscape of the Evangeline Trail and explore the ancestral home of the Acadians! Nova Scotia invites you to visit and explore our vibrant culture and landscape. Maybe you will find your own ‘Gabriel’.

Shipping Included In US and Canada

Perihelion day occurs about two weeks after every December Solstice, and on this day, Earth’s center is approximately 91,402,500 miles from the sun’s centre.

Our sun appears the largest in our sky as it will be for the entire year! So to celebrate our sun, here is a bright yellow raku vase!

Who will be your victor? Be sure to get your vote by adding it in a comment BELOW!

Their fate is now in your hands!

We will share the winner (and update from last Time) next month

See even more raku vases.


  1. I guess I failed to locate the “Vote For Both” button so I suppose I’ll have to make a gut-wrenching decision and vote for only one. I’ll go with Evangeline for the colors. As much as I love Perihelion’s glow and cracks, I find Evangeline more tranquil (those turquoise and coral colors are beautiful and are reminiscent of the Native American jewelry crafted in my part of the world). Tough choice, indeed. 🙂

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