National Dress Up Your Pet Day (FUR REAL!)

Today is

National Dress Up Your Pet Day!


So what could be better than sharing a collection of photos of

Most Honourable Chairman Meow.

(he’s making us do this, but does not know how to read.)

Please enjoy

Very tough. BE careful
Nude and Presenting Gifts this past Christmas
(you can read his yearly Christmas Eve Message here)
“This Studio ain’t big enough for the both of us”
grey cat and box of clay
The King of the Clay,
Most Generous,
One True Ruler
of The Alchemist’s Studio,
Chairman Meow

(Also Naked – the Emperor Has No Clothes!)
Ready for the holidays (and this post) to be over. See the ornaments here.

If you were to caption any of these photos of chairman meow,

what would you have him say?


  1. “(he’s making us do this, but does not know how to read.)” This killed me. πŸ˜€ It brought back memories from the crying scene in Wayne’s World!

    1. ha! I looked that up and see what you mean! So silly! (Chairman Meow is also not reading this either!)

    1. He is very busy with many business meetings as well, outside of his usual dictatorship and fashion shows πŸ™‚ Hes managing pretty well! πŸ™

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