Being Here And Now (Not Always Easy!)

“You’re only here for a short visit.

Gooseberries, blueberries and raspberries from The Alchemist’s Studio garden

Don’t hurry,

don’t worry.

And be sure to smell the flowers
along the way.”

– Walter Hagen

A reminder of summer year round
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with -18C expected for the high tomorrow, it has me thinking of the warmth, colours, and bounty of summer.

I remind myself to be here now and that it is the impermanence of the seasons which makes them each even sweeter.

Being here, now.

so in that spirit,

i raise my mug of coffee for a
cheer for all seasons!

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What do you like to do to bring yourself back to the here and now?

We hope you have a great week,
wherever and whenever
you are today!


  1. Beautiful photos! After having lost power for 7 days this past week, I was also thinking about the warm seasons but being (almost painfully) reminded of the cold. However, there was so much beauty to behold in the snowy landscape.

    1. So true! We almost lost power here which would mean sleeping in the studio with the wood stove. I hope you are doing ok and didnt lose much food. 7 days is quite awhile!

      1. We have a wood stove and oil lamps, so we were okay. This is pretty lame, but after doing umpteen crossword puzzles and such, I was a little bored! It was too cold to go outside and enjoy the blanket of snow (it was 19). The devastation around here reminded me very much of the derecho in 2009 that knocked out power for a long time as well as downed so many trees. The beautiful 200+ year old oak tree in my yard suffered a very bad broken arm:( Happy to be in the light and warmth again!

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