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Hephaestus, blacksmith of the Olympian gods (and he honoured by the Hephaestus Forge raku vase), discovered his wife, Aphrodite, goddess of love, having an affair with Ares, the god of war. He became enraged and vowed to avenge himself for Aphrodite’s infidelity by cursing any lineage of children resulting from the affair. Aphrodite bore a daughter, Harmonia, from Ares’ seed. Harmonia grew up and was later betrothed to Cadmus of Thebes. Upon hearing of the royal engagement, Hephaestus presented Harmonia with an exquisite necklace and robe as a wedding gift.

In some versions of the myth, only the necklace is given. In either case, the necklace was wrought by Hephaestus‘ own hand and was cursed to bring disaster to any who wore it.

The Necklace of Harmonia may have cursed it’s wearer, but thankfully I did not make that.

But I did make this, and I hope you might like it.

Copper Parenthood Pendant – $28
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made with love (not curses) at
The Alchemist’s Studio,

The Parenthood Pendant celebrates those parents who love their progeny while also remembering to not put never-ending naughty no-nos on them. 🙏

(Sorry for the language, Hephaestus) More Jewelry including a green Parenthood Pendant can be seen here.

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