When Is The “Right” Time To Take Down The Christmas Tree?

New Year is passed, but People seem to have some strong opinions about when one takes down their Christmas tree.

Ours is up for about a week more!

Deep Forest Christmas Tree
Deep Red Christmas Tree

How about at your home?

White Tree
RedGreen Christmas Tree

Is your tree still up?

Let us know in the comments!

For more trees visit the Raku Christmas Tree page here.


  1. We always leave it up for Little Christmas – January 6th – regardless of the state of it by then!! So I’ll be taking it down on the 7th…

  2. Traditionally the tree goes up on Christmas Eve and stays until January 6th aka “Little Christmas” or The Epiphany. Tree comes down on January 7th.

  3. We have a fake tree. We leave it up until Jan. 8, a special day for my hubby. It would have been his father’s birthday. I change the appearance from a Christmas tree to a tree with lights and a few ornaments that are not related to Christmas.

  4. We usually take ours down after January 8 because I cannot stand to have it up any longer than that. However, this year, oddly enough or maybe not so odd considering the state of things, I would be fine if the tree stayed up until February. I like having it around.

  5. Usually either Epiphany (Jan. 6) or even until the Presentation (Feb. 2). The tree doesn’t usually go up til 4th Sunday of Advent, so there’s some wiggle-room there, I think.

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