Name That Vase – December 2021

Get your stories/poems in
while you still can!

This post is a reminder for December’s Name That Vase contest. Read the original post here if you prefer, comment on either 🙂

Name That Vase?’ invites YOU to create a story, poem or prose along with a name for one of our raku vases that just came from the kiln!

Help our vase to know their story!

Consider this a chance to be inspired – a writing prompt or a creative cue.

And if you like, you can view the Name That Vase that started it all here.

And now to our new vase!

hmmm 🤔 . . . What do you think?

What is this vase’s name and Story?

Please Share a name and bit of writing as your entry in the comments!

Looking forward to reading your submissions!

thank you and
Happy New Year’s Eve!

If you would like to get your very own raku vase (and more!) sign up here!


  1. Copper Moon Stone is my name for this beautiful vase.

    The copper moon shines on a dark night, lighting your mysterious woodland way.

    Reminiscent of a rose golden romance, two kiss, lit up in the quiet of a town’s midnight hour.

    Kindred spirits far away on this earthen planet, are brought close together by his bright and friendly face, for we all can see the moon when we’re lonely.

    He warms your icy winter, melts your frozen heart- healing long held on to un-forgiveness.

    Rising and falling like the slow deep breaths; the chest of an ancient one. He will always shine for you, never leave you.

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