A Poetic Prayer For Hope

We recently saw a powerful poem that referenced pottery from a regular reader of our blog whose wit, brightness and words we have very much enjoyed getting to know! His poem is shared below – be sure to check out more of his work here!


(c) 2021 by Michael L. Utley

In the winter hour
Of my broken soul
This fragile vase cannot contain
My essence

It sits cracked
On the cornerstone of my hut
Catching melting snow
From which my heart drinks

My soul, old and plain
Cannot match the pace
Of setting sun or rising moon
Or brisk stream

Nor can it
Rival beautiful sakura
Kiku or fuji
But it is my soul

Born in raku fire
Tested by the flames
Etched and pitted by the glaze of
Toil and tears

Has found me at last as long years
Pass by on the trail
Up the mountainside

Misty mysteries
Hidden from my eyes
As I watch my sorrowful tears
Melt the snow

I have lost
Many pieces of myself through
Seasons of regret
Too many winters

How can I replace
All that has perished
All my soul has cannibalized
In my pain

Who can find
A way to patch this vase that leaks
My life on the ground
Draining my essence

Who will knead the clay
Who will brave the snow
To gather golden suisen
Seal the cracks

Make my mournful soul whole again
Gild my wounds and heal
Me with tender care

Fill my soul with hope
Set me on the path
Up the mountainside so I may
Find my way

Thank you for reading this post, and for all those who have lost a pet

may you find healing and peace. 🙏


  1. I’m humbled and honored that you’ve chosen to share my poetry with your readers. Your work is inspiring on so many levels and I wanted to write something as a tribute to your artistic craftsmanship and the philosophy behind it. The pieces you’ve displayed are gorgeous and show a deep love for your creations. Thanks so much for what you do and for allowing my poetry to be a part of it. Best wishes for a happy Christmas and New Year! 🙂

    1. Thank you for writing it Mike! It was so lovely to see and to incorporate your work next to some pieces as well. 🙏 I hope your new year is going wonderfully so far. Thank you again!

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