Chairman In Charge 🐈

A message from our fearless leader and Chairman of Everyone’s hearts, Studio Kitty Extraordinaire


To my beloved friends, fans, and devotees

I have asked the human minions to transmit this message to all of you lovely folks on my behalf. Last time, they had fun but I was none too pleased with their creation to honour me!

Can you believe the gall? 😾

To remedy this situation

I have instructed the stooges to create a NEW ornament in my liking so that I can use it as a true representation of me on the sacrificial tree.

Also kitty treats! Give me all the kitty treats!

they listened! (well sort of)

Now this is much more realistic than last time!

Which is lucky for them as I had told them to portray me as the angel I am, and if they did not do so, I would be on strike at the studio until they did!

Your king watching over the work of the elves.

So now that my Christmas dream

Of a sacrificial tree covered in swattable ornaments fashioned in my likeness is starting to come true, I would also like to wish for all your dreams for Christmas to come true as well. 🌈 🐈 🌈

I hope you are doing well and always remembering to praise me for my wonderful studio leadership (and soon the world!!!!)

With great catlike indifference while still waiting for all the kitty treats!

Chairman Meow

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  1. “…and soon the world!!!!!” πŸ˜€ I suppose it could be worse… *horrible thoughts of Chihuahua Overlords dance in my tired brain* Anyway, as I was saying, all hail Chairman Meow! The swattable ornaments are brilliant. This is fun stuff. πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you like it! Chihuahua overlords would definitely be worse. the only thing about a cat overlord that would really be awful is the “i want to go out, now i want to go in, now i want to go out again” indecisiveness πŸ™‚

  2. Your phrase ‘and soon the world’ immediately made me think of Day of the Tentacle, a fabulous game made by LucasArts. If you haven’t tried it you should!

  3. Beautiful red one you made ! CHAIRMAN MEOW- I will make you a santa if you come to me! You know Jasper when I was young, I used to dress up as Santa and give kids around me gifts, and around the tree decorated as Christmas tree (a morphanki plant) in my garden . With long white cotton beard as well!

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