Born To Be Wise

“Oh, I love my Rosie child
You got the way to make me happy

You and me we go in style
Cracklin’ Rose,

You’re a store-bought woman
But you make me sing like a guitar hummin’

Rose Owl – $75
Shipping Included In US and Canada

So hang on to me, girl,
Our song keeps runnin’ on”

-Neil Diamond

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  1. We definitely need some wise owls at the moment …

    “In Need of a Wise Owl”
    I’ve been searching the planet for our wisest owl
    One that doesn’t droop his jowl, nor scowl
    Are you the clever owl who will lead our world
    Perched there stoically with wings unfurled
    The statesman of our ancient forests
    And guardian of our forgotten promises
    Wisdom radiates from your knowing eyes
    What do you observe from your throne in the sky
    Are we honest enough, are we even worthy?
    Have we enough modesty, are we even earthly?

  2. Hey this is red owl, where is Red Santa from your store ! You made this, you can make that as well. You need some cotton to make hairs and beard and some glue, small red cap- that is it! My favorite song with picturization which I have seen may be thousands of time ever since I was young is this : “My heart will go on” and Rose is in this movie 🙂

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