When Is The “Right” Time To Put Up The Christmas Tree?

People seem to have some strong opinions about when one puts up
their Christmas tree.

What do you think?

Deep Forest Christmas Tree
White Tree
Deep Red Christmas Tree
RedGreen Christmas Tree

When is the "right" time to put up and decorate the Christmas Tree?

What do you think of our Christmas trees?

Let us know in the comments!

For more trees visit the Raku Christmas Tree page here.


    1. I can get that! now can set it according to your own schedule 🙂 good stuff! hope you are keeping well 🙏

  1. I used to put ours up after the schools had broken up for Christmas but now I think the second week of December is about right.It seem to get earlier each year. I’m decorating from next weekend (12th)

    1. Sometimes I am getting earlier here too…part of it being the “yay its done!” being motivating lol. thanks for your comment Julie!

  2. I put our tree up around December 10th and we leave the tree up until January 6th “Epiphany” 3 kings day. I was born and raised in Austria and so to this day I follow some of the ‘old’ traditions, even after so many years living here in the U.S.
    To be honest, it makes me sad to see how much the Holidays have changed over the last 20-30 years. Christmas decoration in November, even October? It makes a very special time not so special anymore. It’s rather sad.

    1. Same for the take down time around here! grew up with midnight mass and keeping it until jan 6th as well. i like Christmas most in December 🙂

  3. I love the clay Christmas trees. My family and I put up our Christmas tree at most a week before Christmas. We wait for my brother to come home from college to carry our tree up from the basement.

    1. Ahh that makes sense! Sometimes it is simply what is most functional!

      Thank you for the kind comment on the trees as well 🙏

  4. Life is short. I used to wait till mid-December. Now that I’m older, I aim for the weekend after Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law gave my wife a white ceramic tree about 15 inches with lights one year. Much like your beautiful white tree. She has since passed on, but every year I put it where my wife can see it. I’m sure your trees earn a place in someone’s heart just like that.

    1. thank you Bill, and for sharing the story of your family. We have had some folks put the tree out for sure, but some also keep it out year round as they like the tree more than the Christmas tree aspect I guess! 🙂 I hope you are keeping well 🙏

  5. I think people can choose themselves when they want to put it up. Though I must confess I am so stressed out about travelling, I am not feeling the least bit festive this year….

    1. I can get that. not going anywhere here so its made putting up the tree sooner MORE appealing. Hoping the travelling is as relaxed as it can be for you and thank you for your comment 🙏

  6. The day after Thanksgiving for me, at least now that I have an artificial tree. But before I did, I began decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and got the cut balsam about a week later. 🙂 Love your trees!

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