Name That Vase – December 2021

It’s time to share our winner and feature another vase in need of a story!

Welcome to “Name That Vase!”

Name That Vase?’ invites YOU to create a story, poem or prose along with a name for one of our raku vases that just came from the kiln!

Help our vase to know their story!

Consider this a chance to be inspired – a writing prompt or a creative cue.

And if you like, you can view the Name That Vase that started it all here.

This month we have a
special vase for your naming,

But first we must congratulate our previous winner knitterpress for their name and write-up!

Congratulations knitterpress!


I suggest Santorini as it is the colour of the rooftop domes on the Greek island,
or Thera that is its official name.

Shipping Included in Canada and US

thank you again Knitterpress for your entry!

And now into our new vase!

hmmm 🤔 . . . What do you think?

What is this vase’s name and Story?

Please Share your entry in the comments!

Can you help our vase to
know their name and story?

Looking forward to reading your submissions!

thank you and
don’t forget to Have fun!

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  1. Santorini is a perfect name for that blue vase ^_^

    For the new piece I suggest Styx, as one lighter part looks like it’s the water’s edge, against a dark river or body of water. Styx is one of the rivers in the underworld.

  2. Now those colours are perfectly what I was talking about yesterday, autumnal ombré. I hate naming things, it’s why I often use numbers as a name for my poems, but at a push ~ Aerugo ~

    1. Thanks Juliette! Im curious what prompted this name?

      For this, if you prefer using a number thats totally ok as well as long as a poem/prose comes with it 🙏

      1. I love playing with words no, really 😅) and I was thinking copper/autumn/rust and as if I was trying to find the right word in a poem I played with those in my favourite synonyms websites, Aerugo being the metallic rust hue of copper or brass (which I do realise would be blue/green in hue). But it’s such a beautiful sound, Air-rue-go it plays in my head so sweetly. So…

        Well you’ve set the seed let me sleep on it and see if something creates in my mind 🤪

  3. As Torino is wonderful! Love it.

    For the new one, I suggest Fire and Ice. It has this flamy look in the orange/copper tones that made me think of warmth and heat, while also having the metallic dark purplish-black that seems a stark contrast to the heat: cold, unwelcoming.

  4. My first thought was Sugar Plum. My mom called me that, and I’m missing her this holiday season. Then the Sugar Plum fairies are quintessentially Christmassy.

  5. Strength kneads down, kindling the passion at my base,
    The sun shines down, bringing light to my face.
    Beyond and yonder, I call out for beauty,
    From colors within, to the world I make a treaty.

    I didn’t come up with a name but I had to write what this vase spoke to me. I imagine great beauty uniting with this vase one day.

  6. Etna

    Having climbed the blackened lava on Mount Etna many years ago, I think of ashes from a violent fire and a glow of rusty red.

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