the light is low and the fireplace is roaring

You can feel the warmth from the stove and hear the dry wood crackling. The air smells of something cinnamon and nutmeg and … maybe turkey? Whatever it is, it’s exactly right for this moment.

The heat has you cozy and dozy, but you have eaten a lot of sweets this Christmas Eve and are excited to open your one allowable “day-before-Christmas” present.

You eye up the Christmas tree in the corner with its lights aglow. It invites you over to come sit and bring your cocoa. Normally there is a chair where that tree is, but for now, the chair has been moved to the hallway and under that tree in the corner present for you from someone who cares for you.

They said it was something different than their usual gifts for you and they are excited to see you open it. But you really have no idea what it could be. Maybe some slippers? It does say “do not shake on it though”

Hmm….What might it be? You have been wondering for weeks. Sometimes alone in the hall as you walk by the tree, and sometimes in front of the gift giver…”I WONDER WHAT IT MIGHT BE??? hoping they might give you a hint. But with a sly smile and a glint in their eye, they say “You’ll just have to wait!”

And so you have waited, but your curiosity is at a peak!

And all the sugar you’ve eaten has not helped!

You tap your mug. Eggnog really only tastes good at this time of year, what is that about anyway?

You wait and continue tapping. playing out a one-note symphony version of Queen’s Under Pressure. A repetitive and not-entirely-inaccurate ting fills the air.

Only a few more minutes.

You can’t wait any longer!

Not much is better than watching someone open up a personalized gift and knowing the thought that was put into it.

But choosing that gift? well…that is not always so easy. So with that in mind – we would like to offer our help in finding that gift.

Yes, admittedly, that gift would be from The Alchemist’s Studio, but hey we are upfront about that bias! So maybe we can help 🙂

Par exemple

Is your person a lover of the classics but also have a bit of an edge? All three of these vases are classic stories involving strength – either physically, mentally, emotionally – but each with it’s own twist.

The Pillar of Atlas
Shipping Included In US and Canada

Blue Lotus
Shipping Included In US and Canada
The Eye of Balor
Shipping Included In US and Canada

A Loved one or close friend interested in meditation, or science fiction, or both!

Tattooine Yoda Pendant
Shipping Included in US and Canada
Vase of Attraction Buddha
Shipping Included in US and Canada
Intergalactic Yoda Pendant
Shipping Included in US and Canada

More jewelry can also be viewed here

or a relative interested in wisdom

Yellow Owl – $75
Shipping Included In US and Canada
Summerberry Owl – $75
Shipping Included In US and Canada
Turquoise Owl – $75
Shipping Included In US and Canada

More owls here

Or a mug for the space lover in your life

Cosmic Mug – $44
Free Shipping Included in the US and Canada

More mugs here

Or maybe you have a friend who loves colour and is interested in poetry and art

But you may not be a poet or artist yourself.

Raku vase Völuspá is here to save the day! This vase tells the tale from the dawn of creation to the end of the world, of an oracle who saw it all. It will also bring colour to your friend’s home in the darkness of winter (or any time of year!)

Shipping Included In US and Canada

In other words, we can help you get from this moment . . . right now when you are reading this . . . to that warm and cozy Holiday scene with the tree.

You will need to get your own eggnog, though,
as it won’t last in the mail

Is there a particular person that
you might have in mind?

get in touch and we can help you out personally.


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