Psst . . . It’s me again.

Everyone’s favourite Chairman,
Chairman Meow.

It’s been quite busy around here, supervising these humans working at my studio when I am not busy plotting the next stage in cats everywhere resuming their rightful place as the dominant species of the planet.

Those humans better get to work preparing the tree!
See more ornaments closer up here.

Ever since I gave my orders for the humans to create ornaments of me for their sacrificial tree, it’s been like the Island of Doctor Clayreau around here.

And in case you are curious about what happens when you cross a cat and a unicorn, you can see for yourself by looking at the pictures below:

I’ve heard our American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving. I approve this holiday, because I like chicken, I like liver, and turkey is pretty good too. In honour of this holiday, I have authorized my humans to offer TWO whimsical likenesses of everyone’s favourite Chairman to be sold.

See how nice I am?

Chairman Meow’s Intergalactic Kitty Ornament &
Chairman Meow’s Unicorn Kitty Ornament
Price Includes Shipping In US and Canada

As you think about preparing your Thanksgiving feast

Please do remember all the cats. They deserve a special dinner too. And not just leftovers. It’s tiring waiting under the table for someone to drop food.

Lastly, give thanks to your cats as we are your supreme leaders.

See more ornaments here


    1. ha! yes his soft cuteness is pretty good! (and dont worry I wont, his head is big enough already!)

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