Mythological Mugs Test

As some of you may have read, I have recently completed a cone 6 firing and we have some lovely new mugs, a few of which you can see below:

SeaMoss Mug 1
The Star Tarot Mug
Aqua Mug 1

As part of this firing, I test fired a few mythological mugs.

What’s a mythological mug? You can find out here and read more about the original idea here. During the test firing, I tried three glazes on these mugs.

This was the glaze that I was most happiest with for this project, on ‘The Real Housewives of Athens” mug:

Real Housewives of Athens Mug 1

I will likely use this glaze again

This glaze below didn’t do a bad job either at ensuring the incised design showed up. I will probably use it again.

Amphora Coffee Mug 1 $44

And of course, the glaze I thought would work best was my least favourite:

I may try a reglaze on this mug during my next firing.

Being a potter and an artist is a journey of continual learning, and sometimes we learn the most from our mistakes.

I am also working on a design where I will use slip I am colouring on a white mug background and will also test some additional glazes until I find more colour variants that make me happy.

Of course there will be more puns of mythological proportions coming too!

You might get some Deja Brew ๐Ÿ˜‰

What do you think of my first go at these mythological mugs?

Which was your favourite?

See all mugs here


  1. For color, I liked the first one, mostly red one, even though I think the last one was most successful. I like yellow too, but red would fit my “decor” better. Since my decor could be termed a large collection of found items, any one of them would work for me.

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