I’m Kilning It

It’s been a busy week at the studio

With much glazing that was done in preparation for a Cone 6 firing. This sort of firing is when things get really hot – over 2000F! These temperatures (depending on the clay you are working with) cause chemical changes that increase the durability of a piece, which makes it perfect for firing functional ware.

An important part

Of this type of firing is allowing pieces to cool slowly, which is very unlike raku, where pieces are removed from the kiln and placed in reduction while glazes are still molten. This means with Cone 6 you have to wait 12hrs after a firing to be able to open the kiln and see the results of your work.

pottery kiln for raku firing
Our ancient electric pottery kiln from the 70’s!

Waiting to open the kiln is like being a child at Christmas, Waiting to open presents,

And this firing yielded some beautiful results! I haven’t had the chance to photograph everything yet and get the pictures on the site, but below is one of my favourite pieces.

Which was your favourite close up from our latest firing?

And what did you think of our cosmic owl?

Let us know in the comments below.

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    1. totally! we are super careful about that and this is why we fire outside (for raku inside is also impossible)

    1. oh yes very much – its a chemical reaction so the chemicals in the glaze will behave differently depending on how much energy is put into the firing 🙂 some glazes run at higher temperatures and so can only be used on lower temp firings as otherwise they will pour right off the pottery and onto the kiln shelf, wrecking anything near by and the shelf too

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