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I know
you’ve missed me.

Adding a little culture to the club!

I, Chairman Meow, have been busy preparing for the holidays because the humans are not doing it to my satisfaction. I am much more effective than they are – but they don’t ever admit it. One day they will take over this place when I am bored with it, but until then I will continue giving them my newest lewk.

the chairman scowl™


When I am not doing my little turns on the catwalk,
I have been making them make cat things to properly honour me.

They really should do more as I am an incredible leader and clearly the sweetheart of The Alchemist’s Studio.

please admire my intergalactic kitties

Chairman Meow’s Intergalactic Kitty Ornament
Price Includes Shipping In US and Canada

That is all for now.

To infinity and anywhere where the humans will do what I say! I hope this doesn’t mean they want to launch me into space. I am not done with my plans for world domination yet!

You’re welcome.

You can learn more about the humans work here at The Alchemist’s Studio and what they are all about in this introductory video. They told me to add something about signing up for a newsletter? I don’t even know what that is. Anyway, once they have a giveaway for some things and there are some other animal things here too.

It better not be a giveaway of
Chairman Meow!


    1. Chairman meow thanks you for your comment and he likes that you agree with him that it is cool 😺

  1. INTERGALACTIC KITTIES are cute, hope they are blessed by Chairman Meawoo! which ribbon will he wear in his neck in his holidays ? Thanks for sharing his winter cuddle with woolens !

    1. He may bless a vase in the future, who is to know! and he has been asking for more Christmas costumes!

      1. :-D, yeah he can — the one I win in a lottery of vases, hopefully, sooner. Does the contest works, I never got selected, tough competition.
        Oh really, he is asking more Christmas costumes ? What is his favorite color ?

    1. he is very much a supervisor of the seagull type – as in he shows up makes a mess and then leaves while being upset that we are in his way LOL

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