Trading (More Than) Faces

Like any skill, raku pottery takes learning and practice

Which means taking a look at old work and learning more about what I like and do not. This helps me to further define my artistic practice.

The sun is out this morning (with plans for a bisque firing!), so before getting set up I was taking a look at this vase called Madame Pele’s Flow and taking a few pictures to share with you ๐Ÿ™‚

In this piece, I love how the colours almost look like a volcano.

โ€˜Madame Peleโ€™s Flowโ€™ tells the tale of a sometimes beautiful goddess who was right at home in the flames of raku. Not only could she sometimes appear as a beautiful woman, but also a white dog, even an old woman, but also a lava flow.

that is a lot of different things!

Madame Pele’s Flow
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so If you could transform into anything else (temporarily or permanently!),
what would you choose ๐Ÿค”

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  1. How beautiful! These racu firings of pottery are amazing. They are an expression of Impressionist Artistry to my way of seeing. It would be wonderful to see them in an Art Gallery where Impressionist paintings and other Impressionistic art forms are gatheredโ€ฆeven dream- like poetry and music. Thanks for sharing this beauty. Best wishes, Shelley

    1. Thank you Shelley! That sounds like a lovely experience. There are definitely similarities in that it is up to the viewer what they see (like cloud viewing) as raku is created by letting go of control and expectations so I can never quite guess what the final piece will look like

    1. I do not think I have ever seen a real blue one, just the ones that have been fed blue water so they turn blue (unless the water is changed to clear again, or another colour!)

      1. Oh, yeah, I once saw some blue rose in a online fresh rose products, may be paper rose they decorating in multi color flowers, I don’t know, you as you said, use of blue water. Can right pollination of some blue flower with a rose help ? I don’t know, how (cross) flower pollination works, anyways! I was never a biology student !

    1. Thank you! I take that as a high compliment from a mermaid! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™ I hope you are keeping well!

  2. Gorgeous! Hmm, if I could transform into anything, I would become one of the representations of the divine feminine, or a powerful wise woman. Not sure if I’d transform back as there would be a lot of work I’d like to do, first and foremost integrating her into my being to tap in to my true self, with all of the wisdom and power that would entail.

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