“Be aware of wonder.

Live a balanced life;

learn some and think some and
draw and paint and sing and dance
and play and work
every day some.”

~ Robert Fulgham

Finding that point of balance is an opportunity in every moment

Yin Yang Pendant
Free Shipping Included In US and Canada

What do you like to do to
help yourself create and find balance?

Other jewelry pieces are available here.

If you have questions about a particular piece of jewelry – or any of the work we do – please be sure to get in touch.

I hope your week so far has been kind to you and that you’ve been kind to yourself. 🙏


    1. Absolutely, and when you are doing the things you love that is the best form of play! Thank you for commenting and I hope your week is off to a great start!

    1. I completely agree! I often find myself dancing through the day (and singing along too). Music is good food for the soul. I hope you have a great week and some opportunities for dancing.

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