🐈 In Honour Of The Greatest Most Wonderful, Incredible Chairman Meow πŸ™

A message from our fearless leader and Chairman of Everyone’s hearts, Studio Kitty Extraordinaire CHAIRMAN MEOW

To my beloved friends, fans, and devotees

I have asked the human minions to transmit this message to all of you lovely folks on my behalf.

As you may have seen in our ‘this week in photos’ post, I did not have a good Halloween.

While exploring the giant jack-o-lantern,

I fell in.

Curse you, vegetable prison!

To cheer me up and honour me,

I have instructed the stooges to create ornaments in my liking so that I may use them as decorations on the sacrificial tree they bring into my home at the time when it is too cold out to escape. I sense this time is coming soon.

To say the least, I am most displeased at their creative choices. They will pay for this!

fear not!

I have already instructed them to create a new ornament portraying me as the angel I am, and if they do not do so, I will go on strike at the studio until they do!

grey cat and box of clay
Look at me, I am the potter now!

I hope for their sake

That my Christmas dreams of a sacrificial tree covered in swattable ornaments fashioned in my likeness comes true.

And I also hope all your dreams for Christmas come true too. 🌈 🐈 🌈

With great catlike indifference and a little bit of wrath for all ankles everywhere,

Chairman Meow

So what do you think?

Should we listen to our striking feline leader Chairman Meow and make an angel kitty ornament in raku white?


  1. Chairman Meow is correct the human minions must obey the enlightened wisdom of feline perfection. without delay!

    1. The Chairman appreciates your wise views that are in allignment with his whims! You will be rewarded by being allowed to give him kitty treats! Five out of five purrs!

    1. The human thanks you for your comment. The Chairman says thank you for your most astute observation! We both wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

  2. So cute – Jasper – He is so cute — And the sculpture of Chairman Meow is awesome. Pen holder in this sculpture ? Angel — haha—- You made him go in a pumpkin – no words !

    1. Sadly the sculpture is ornament size and thus would only hold kitty sized pens. Unfortunately, without opposable thumbs, Chairman Meow can’t hold pens, and to be honest he is a not a very good typer either!
      He actually climbed up on the pumpkin and was smelling it with great interest when he fell in, but don’t tell him I told you that.
      A typed message from the Chairman:
      ‘yavd nc89uvn wejf[9oe8f’
      I hope you know Cat- onesse!

      1. Oh it looked big — really nice pic ! No worries! I loved it–he typed kind of my sirname—– yadav πŸ˜€ -lols– ! Onesse – no ! I knew my cats—-3 cats I had for 3 years kinds! Cold is coming – keep him warm!

    1. Amazing! Always glad to provide a well timed laugh when needed! I hope you are well and have an awesome weekend full of more laughs and smiles.

    1. It’s like you know him personally, haha! That’s his facial expression 90% of the time πŸ˜‰ LOL

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