The Calming Power Of Blue

Why is Blue Such a Calming Colour?

Since ancient times people have observed that colours can impact mood. Maybe you, like me, are particularly sensitive to this. Many people associate blue witht he sky or with water. Why is blue such a calming colour? The answer is in the waves.

Waves Wash over like a tonic for the mind

Did you know that different colours have different wave lengths? These wave lengths are believed to have an impact on us, both mentally and physiologically.

Blue is a short wave length colour, and as such it can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate. As a result of this, we can experience more calmness and peace. I feel it’s not a coincidence that blue covers much of the Earth, and is how we see the sky above during the day

And this is why my First Buddha bust is Blue! Feel those calm waves washing over you as you Scroll through the pictures.

Learn more about the history of sculptural busts here, and why I have chosen the Buddha for my first creation of this sort.

Price Includes Shipping in US and Canada

Keep watching for more Buddha Sculptures!

Don’t have the room for a Buddha Sculpture at home?

No problem! Check out our selection of Buddha necklaces and keep the calmness of blue close to your heart!

What do you think of our Blue Buddhas? And what colour brings you peace?

Let us know in the comments below!

Blue Lotus – $76
Shipping Included In US and Canada

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    1. thank you Julia, i can imagine a room full of that colour would be quite rich but also calm!

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