Not unlike our approach
to raku and mythology,

Steampunk takes what is old
and makes it new again while thriving in the “imperfect”

My Steampunk Election Box

and so of course it is a natural thing to create raku steampunk ornaments! ⚙️

Steampunk Christmas Ornament Set
Includes Shipping in US and Canada
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The imperfect is a beautiful place to be!

and a lot more human too!

Are you also a fan of the
steampunk aesthetic?

You can see all of our ornament sets being offered here.
We’ve got some pretty neat groupings and they make a great gift!


  1. Roasted looking- —- Ornaments — are magnificent— Sorry it’s a praise— I love roasted things~ and they resemble it –i dont know why- Oh yeah you called it Steampunks ! Saw the video to know more of it–indeed to know what Steampunk means- Thanks

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