Did you ever watch those Christmas movies like frosty the snowman or Rudolph the red nosed reindeer?

To this day I always love watching them during the holidays. This tree reminds me of the warm feelings brought by
Classic Christmas movies.

Raku Christmas Tree 1
Price includes shipping in US and Canada

What do you think of this
Raku Christmas tree?

Many more styles and colours can also be found here.

and Do you have a favourite classic Christmas Movie?

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  1. Yes! After some consideration I think “Jack Frost” is my fav (also by Rankin & Bass) Although Rudolph is a close second😁Thanks!

  2. Such a classic, that Burle Ives special, and Charlie Brown too. It makes me feel nostalgic. I shall give myself an early gift of your newsletter! Thanks for visions of your beautiful work and for your kindly support of Within a Forest Dark.

    1. of course! and same to you for the pottery Margaret – and thank you for signing up! 🙏

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