Feline Like It’s Time To Get Spoooooky

Hello, it’s me,

your fantastic leader, chairman meow.

Guess my costume if you like, but if I do not like your answer you will be sent
to clean my kitty litter for the rest of human time!

Feel my wrath!

Halloween is all about cats, so i am gracing you with my presence.

Cats are clearly best for everything.

You’re Welcome.

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it is obvious that the Alchemist put me on this vase to honour me,

grey cat and box of clay
My official studio photo. I am very handsome.

because I am incredible

and very soft

The pie made from this pumpkin will be delicious – and all for me! HAHAHAAH

(even when i bite or scratch).

i hope your Halloween is truly terrifying, unless you are doing my bidding –
which in that case,

I hope your Halloween is Truly terrifying and you keep my food dish full.

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  1. Hey–you actually made it Halloween day blog. Good one. Thanks Catty. Is this chairman Meaaooo ? Its been long that I have seen him, so I forgot how he looked. Is this him only ? If yes you had a great Halloween. This cat sculpture is soooo damn good. Grey cat ? Wondering how will it turn out to be.

    1. thank you! he is a fan of anything cat. well mostly lol. He has definitely grown into the name!

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