This Week At The Studio In Photos

The colours of fall do not stop!
Venus and Adonis shared the story of their first kiss
Price includes shipping in US and Canada
Stanley Stump is not sure how he feels about winter coming
Blueberry fields are nearly done for the year
A new bust was created!
Late afternoon light
The wood is all stacked and ready to keep The Alchemist’s Studio warm for the winter to come!

That’s been the week here.

How’s your week been?

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  1. How has my week been? I’m feeling hypo-manic this week. Very productive. Wrote a 3000 word story post yesterday which I’m proud of. I think I may try and do the November NANO thing writing a novel in 30 days. Overall chipper but a little tired from staying up two nights. I like your cabin in the woods with the wood. You are really living the dream!

    1. thank you! i bet the two nights would be exhausting, but sounds like you really digging into your time as well when you can. congrats on the post as well! Also thankfully that building is just the pottery studio as it has no washroom or running water or kitchen! 🙂

  2. Jasper these are beautiful vases. No one can stop looking at them, such nice male and feminie energies–High on Love Pair and Energies.

    1. Thank you that is very kind! Autumn makes it easy to take lovely pictures…since its so lovely! 😀

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