Are You Naughty Or Nice? πŸ˜‰

or maybe both!

Either way you can still have a raku Christmas!

The holidays are coming for those who celebrate, and we have some great gift items for those on your list – or why not treat yourself?

A Holiday Invitation

We have ornament sets here and we also have a limited quantity of our ceramic raku Christmas trees. The ones below are my favourites, but you can check out our full selection here. There is even a pink one available!

Price Includes Shipping In US And Canada

Do you have a favourite
Christmas decoration?

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    1. its almost time to get one! we pick one out from a local grower and cut it ourselves πŸ™ its a nice tradition!

  1. Your trees are gorgeous. Love them. My like: ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️
    And I still have the first Angel my boys and I made a long time ago. She goes on the topmost branch.
    Be well. I wish you miracles

    1. Thank you Selma! I wish you miracles as well – what a lovely sentiment to share! πŸ™

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