On The Wheel Wednesday

“We must accept life for
what it actually is –

a challenge to our quality without which

we should never know of
what stuff we are made,

or grow to our full stature.”

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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What is a hard-earned life lesson that you would like to share with others?


  1. What is a hard-learned life lesson I’d like to share with others, you ask? I think it would be learning to be kind to oneself. Sometimes this is the only kindness we will find. I’m still working on this and it’s an on-going process. Being unnecessarily cruel to oneself serves no purpose other than reinforcing the cruelty others have subjected us to in the past. The shackles are hard to break but it’s really the only way we’ll ever find any happiness. (Well, that and plenty of pizza–it’s impossible to be unhappy with a big slice o’ pepperoni pie, amirite?) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A hard lesson I learned in my freshman year ceramics class is the power of dedication. I learned without dedication, I won’t get anywhere in life. Without dedication, a person will not continue after failures, they simply won’t grow. My professor sat me down and essentially had to explain to me if I wanted to be a ceramicist, writer, or reach any significant goals I needed to be more dedicated.

    1. thats a very good lesson, and sounds like you really took it to heart! thank you for sharing Deanna!

  3. Learning to love myself and others without regard to irony sarcasm parody or witticisms nor the most important thing cynicism! Love โค๏ธ is! And the struggle continues. Life!

  4. A hard learned lesson for me is that relationships in particular friendships will change as you grow older, and won’t always be constant. You will grow apart from friends, and they may well grow apart from you, as your lives take different directions.

    1. that is true, and a hard lesson. It was one i had not expected, but have definitely also experienced.

  5. Beautiful Piece you made. I shall soon get some pen stands like this from you. Awesome piece and design. Hard Earned Lesson —– Many I have – really many — one is “Even sweet honey making bees are envied at times.” And the paradox here is — there are so few honey making bees these days. There were times when honey was in every other tree.

    1. yes its true, we may get bees here next year so that would be a way we can help out our little friends (and all of us!)

  6. Beautiful, simple piece! A hard-earned life lesson is that sometimes, your parents are your first battle when it comes to setting boundaries and forming your own identity outside of their opinions of you.

  7. Be careful about something you brag about from the pastโ€“ that should have remained a private memory, only to embarrass yourself (and even others) in the future.

    1. That does indeed sound like a hard lesson and one that you could only know once it has happened. thank you for sharing Art! ๐Ÿ™

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