Starting my Day taking a few photos of the fall foliage.

And noticed something i do not often pay attention to . . .

The Grey sky.

The brightest colours look
even brighter with


Mug 19
Includes Shipping in US and Canada

and It is in this juxtaposition that life shows up in it’s fullness (and is also part of life in it’s own right!)

What is Paradoxical pairing that you love?

( PS. If you like the mug above, you might like the one here too… )


    1. Lucky for now! Soon the leaves will all be gone and we will be left with various shades of brown 😉 I hope you have beautiful colours when it’s time for the colour change in your part of the world.

  1. Corona-virus it is still infecting people – its 2 years now– ? ! What Science have to say in this ? Is it a Paradox ? I don’t know, I am asking ?! BTW beautiful trees blooming in colors of life.

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