What Happens When You Are Serenaded By A Prince Or Symbol, While Making Pottery? This.

A Resplendent Wednesday to you!

Do you ever Listen to music while making things (cooking, writing, knitting etc)?

I know I do and sometimes that has an impact on how the pieces turn out!

Purple Rain $122
Shipping Included in US and Canada

And so I owe a big thank you to
the incredible artist Prince/Ƭ̵̬̊
for the inspiration of this vase

So here is to you, Prince/Ƭ̵̬̊ !

Purple Rain

What Music are you listening to today?

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  1. Not only is this piece beautiful (talk about a vase!) but, omg, the title of this blog is timely inspiration for me. May I use “Serenaded by a Prince or Symbol” as a title for one of my poems?

  2. I’ll sometimes listen to instrumentals while writing, and they will impact my mood and the tone of my writing at times.
    I can’t listen to anything with lyrics because I’ll wind up singing along, and the words might even wind up on the page (I’m a karaoke junkie.)

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