“I believe in the balance between




Neri Oxman

Some days are easier than others but Having a physical reminder to
Keep balance can help.

Yin Yang Pendant
Free Shipping Included In US and Canada

What do you like to do to
help yourself balance?

Other jewelry pieces are available here.

If you have questions about a particular piece of jewelry – or any of the work we do – please be sure to get in touch.

I hope your week so far has been kind to you and that you’ve been kind to yourself. 🙏


  1. I like to ensure that I spend quiet times to myself in the morning and also finding time to go into nature. That helps me find balance.

  2. Completed a poem this morning and sending it out to a literary magazine.
    I’ll walk the dogs a few times during the day – we live beside a creek and in the woods – so nature is a part of everything here. Thanks for the reminder to remain balanced all day.

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