Which Will You Choose?

I have an exciting update!

As many of you know we are going to draw one lucky winner for a pottery gift basket at the end of the year from our list of newsletter subscribers. Since we’ve received a number of new subscribers in the last month, we are going to add a new item to the gift basket!

But we wanted to give you a choice what that will be.

Ornament One
Ornament Two
Ornament Three

So here is today’s question!

Which of the above three ornaments would you like to win? The ornament with the most ‘votes’, will be added to our “Great Pottery Giveaway“. Please let us know in the comments below which ornament is your favourite.

And if you have not yet entered our pottery giveaway yet, you can do so by subscribing to our newsletter here. It is also where we will announce the winner.

You can also see our ornaments available for purchase here, if you are looking for a gift or something shiny for your tree!

Here are the other items that you can win so far:

We will also be adding some new items as our subscriber list continues to grow!

We are currently at 434 subscribers, and if we can get to 500, an additional raku pottery vase will be added! And maybe another item or two along the way there.

So please share this post!

Even better than an Abba song. No breakup required to win!


  1. What a difficult choice… Each ornament has its own unique beauty and personality. I think I’m leaning toward Ornament One. It reminds me of a summer sky with fair-weather clouds.

    1. thank you kindly! 🙏 I believe so as well, its a pretty great gift basket! i mean it is in the name 😀

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