Moving Through The Seasons

When Seasons change, make sure to adapt 😉

“Santa was sweating, so much so that he realized that his coat was in no way indicative of a man who acclimated to changing temperature conditions”

― J.S. Mason, The Ghost Therapist…And Other Grand Delights

Santa Red Raku Christmas Tree
$75Shipping Included in US and Canada

Do you do Anything to mark
the passing of seasons?
Are you a get ready for the holidays
super – like it’s still September – early
kind of person?

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    1. You are right! Fall is a beautiful season to enjoy! I try to get ready for winter as much as possible as we are more limited as what we can do here by all the snow. Sorry, I said that ‘s’ word. I hope you are well and your week is off to a great start!

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment! I live for that red glaze. It’s one of the accent colours in our living room! I think we will be having a sale on the Christmas trees soon!
      I hope you are well and having a great day!

    2. Thanks, Julia! now just to collect the snow from the freezer and the season will be official LOL

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