The Alchemist’s Studio September 2021 Survey

As you might know, I am working hard to turn my passion of pottery into a career as an artist.

In order to do so, I am hoping that I might get your opinions to help inform how I move forward with my website and social media. Please find a survey included below.

Thanks in advance to all those who are kind enough to participate!

Some have mentioned that the submit button may not be working in wordpress mobile. If the survey below does not load for you on wordpress mobile, or if you have any trouble viewing, please click here to view and submit to it directly. 🙏

Complete the survey above and you will be added in to win our Great Pottery Gift Basket including (so far) a raku vase, a mug, and these two little cuties!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thank you for resending the link to your survey! Unfortunately when I click it on my mobile it returns a webpage not available message? Maybe it’s just me? Will keep trying. Best, Babsje

      1. When I saw your note, I decided to do the survey on my computer (rather than my phone). I was able to fill it out and submit it without any problems. 🙂

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