What’s Happening in the Studio

I am excited to report

I have finally got out from under the rock of depression and I am back to my happy potter ways. You can read more about my experience with depression here, but you can read about what we are working on this week in the studio!

Our plans for this week include:

A raku firing of more vases and owls

A pitfire firing for some new vases. Don’t miss our 10 percent off sale on previous works! You can check out those pieces here!

A few prototypes of a new mug series based on punny mythology.

And making a larger sized vase that I have been dreaming about!

Growing my newsletter subscriber base, by enticing you with a draw for a gift basket stocked full of pottery!

I hope everyone’s week is off
to a good start!

What do you have planned
for your week ahead?

Let me know in the comments below!


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