It’s A Nice Day For A White Whetting

Autumn is starting around here, and with that means a change in colours from the warmth of green through to the red, yellow and orange of fall and then to the cool colours of winter.

As a colour, white is often overlooked., and so as a celebration of a great colour, I wanted to share some of my pieces in that underrated white of the fresh winter snow (not the muddy brown of spring snow).

So here is to white!

A Trio In White

The White Walker$68
Shipping Included in US and Canada
Pillar of Atlas $80
Shipping Included In US and Canada

The tall snows of winter
Athena’s Trick$120
Free Shipping In US and Canada

What do you think of white as a colour?

Click here to see vases in all colours
here if youd like to get a vase of your own for free!


    1. how do you usually like to decorate with it? as a main colour or highlight or something else?

  1. Oh, I love raku with the white – love the spidery lines all over it – they are my favorite pieces of raku pottery, hands down. I have a small collection of pots I made in raku – as an art student long ago – and some I bought at art galleries. I love winter – my favorite season, and winter is full of color for those who are preceptive.

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