This Week At The Studio In Photos

Elderberry, Black Currant, and Rhubarb wine all made from the fruits of the Alchemist’s Studio garden. Great in a wine tumbler!
It’s always a party when hanging out with some fungi
It’s harvest time! Plums, celery and raspberries all ready at once!
By Jove, we could see Jupiter!
There are over 300 varieties of wild apples in the area which means in the fall the forest floor is covered in apples of all kinds!

That’s been the week here.

How’s your week been?


  1. I love seeing what you have made from your garden. Not only a talented artists but look what you have created from nature’s supplies…beautiful too. Have a wonderful week. Thanks for the photos, very pretty.

    1. thank you! It can be a lot of work at points in the year but the payoffs in the middle of winter are worth it!

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