Get Dizzy Easily? Don’t look at this

Or maybe you can?

I wanted to take this opportunity to share this short video of throwing one of my vases. This was the first thowing video I ever uploaded to our youtube channel!  You can connect with us there if you like, and you will see many more videos of my work on the wheel and even some of our sourpuss studio mascat Chairman Meow

Have you ever thrown anything on a pottery wheel? If so, what did you make? If not, what would you make?

What did you think of the video?


  1. Such a nice video, good to see the making of all magic you create with clay ~~ Thanks for sharing ~~ I loved the music and no dizziness too ~~ yep I tried pottery as a kid ~~ I think I made a JINNY Bottle kind of things ~~ and would love to make it again ~

  2. This video creates a meditative feeling and has a calming effect though the motion is very fast. It was a good idea not to change the positon of the camera.

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